E-commerce Business


Before we get into the nitty gritty, lets look at commerce. According to the Merriam/Webster Dictionary, commerce is “the exchange or buying and selling commodities on a large scale involving transportation from place to place”. E-commerce is defined as “commerce conducted via the Internet”. Now that you understand the terms commerce and E-commerce, lets get to the good stuff!

Almost any kind of commerce, from banking to shopping to real estate to purchasing a pedigreed cat, can be done online, and companies are profiting from this in a huge way. You can even find a number of personal services available online, and if you want, you don’t even have to pick up your phone to book a hair or nail appointment, or order your beauty products to have delivered directly to you. E-commerce is a fast, easy, convenient way to do business.

I’ve heard a lot about identity theft. Is E-commerce really safe?

The simple answer is yes. As long as your computer has a great anti-virus/anti-spyware program, and a firewall, you are relatively safe. And, as technology improves, so will safety. Never do any E-commerce on a public computer where your information could still be there for the next person to see.